19 maio 2008

Séries da Semana - USA

Com o final de várias temporadas chegando a grade já vai diminuindo.
Séries de segunda feira - quase tudo termina hj.... e como algumas coisas já terminaram, será relativamente mais relax....
uma das quinta feiras mais relax desde a greve.
Em Tudors.... contagem regressiva para a decapitação......

[monday, may 19, 2008]
8:00 PM CBS big bang theory, the: the tangerine factor (#117)[1st season finale]
FOX bones: the pain in the heart (BON-314)[3rd season finale]
ABC dancing with the stars: episode 610 (#610-60)
The CW gossip girl: much 'i do' about nothing (#117)[1st season finale]
ABC FAMILY greek: no campus for old rules (#119)
8:30 PM CBS how i met your mother: miracles (#320)[3rd season finale]
9:00 PM FOX house: wilson's heart (HOU-416)[4th season finale]
The CW one tree hill: what comes after the blues (#3T6818)[5th season finale]
CBS two and a half men: waiting for the right snapper (#519)[5th season finale]
ABC FAMILY wildfire: the ties that bind, part 1 (#412)
9:30 PM CBS rules of engagement: pimp my bride (#215)[2nd season finale]
10:00 PM CBS csi: miami: going ballistic (#621)[6th season finale]
[tuesday, may 20, 2008]
8:00 PM FOX american idol: week #19a: top 2 finalists perform (ID-734)
CBS ncis: judgment day part 1 and part 2 (#518/519)[two-hour 5th season finale]
9:00 PM ABC dancing with the stars: episode 610a (#610A-120)[two-hour 6th season finale]
The CW reaper: cancun (#118)[1st season finale]
10:00 PM
CBS shark: wayne's world 3: killer shark (#216)[2nd season finale]
10:30 PM A&E gene simmons' family jewels: viewer mail (#58/325)
[wednesday, may 21, 2008]
8:00 PM FOX american idol: week #19b: one voted off live (ID-735/736)[two-hour 7th season finale]
9:00 PM CBS criminal minds: lo-fi (#319)[3rd season finale]
10:00 PM ABC boston legal: patriot acts (#420)[4th season finale]
CBS csi: ny: hostage (#421)[4th season finale]
NBC law & order: excalibur (#180??)[18th season finale]
[thursday, may 22, 2008]
8:00 PM
ABC ugly betty: jump (#218)[2nd season finale]
9:00 PM
ABC grey's anatomy: freedom, parts 1 & 2 (#416/417)[two-hour 4th season finale]
BBC1 the invisibles (#104)
[friday, may 23, 2008]
[saturday, may 24, 2008]
6:00 PM BBC1 doctor who: silence in the library (#408)
doctor who confidential (#408)
[sunday, may 25, 2008]
9:00 PM
SHOWTIME tudors, the: episode 9 (#209)

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